About me


First at all Thank you! Thank you for take your time and read not just this blog but this page. I really appreciate it.

This blog talks about different topics some of them are for motivation, for curiosity, admiration, getting fun or peace. I am a simple but a dreamer, idealist person and this blog is about me: What I like, what I think, what I believe !!

I guide my life with simple rules and it doesn’t mean that life is easy… “I know it’s wonderful and incredible gift that requires courage and honesty…”

I just live it and enjoy every single emotion, experience; good or bad. I try not to believe on first impressions…things are more complex than what it seems.

So I like to talk, know the people, and communicate with them and this means not just to talk but to act. “Noise is as important as silence.”

What I like?

I like read, travel, and recently I like photography and write: blogging. Know different cultures, learn (everything you learn in this life can serve you, the important thing is not to learn but to be creative using all you know on the best way and on time)

I like to stay among people different than me; because being out of my comfort zone make me think, opens my mind….

“life is an adventure, so take It, take the challenge…!”

I don’t speak many languages but I discover a language teaches you too many things, a word can acquire different meanings and every word has a mark done by the history, by the culture …and this is another way I push myself of being out of the box.

I love freedom “no regrets” so people Please!!! Act in the way that you can remember it without thinking in: “what if I..” , I’m sure things happened for a reason, I try not to make questions at the moment, answers will arrive on time, as things move… so do not complain.

Freedom is not to do what you want to do, Freedom is the ability to choose one thing among others…

Sincerity is something that requires responsibility so I feel so lucky when I’m a witness of it.

And finally I love food… really this is one of the pleasures I enjoy all the time.

Time becomes one of my more valuable assets and with the people I love time is never enough.

I believe in god. Being spiritual or stay in contact is important to me.

I love quotes as much as I love soundtracks, and I am a phrase collector, they can change my life, a moment.

Here are some of my favorites:

Okey. Stay open. Who knows? Lighting could strike.

Being honest and sincerely requires responsibility.

Ser abierto es más que aceptar otras ideas, es vivir en total comunión con las diferencias.

La ironía y el sarcasmo son otras formas de comunicarnos.

Lo que es para ti tarde que temprano llegara. Se paciente y entiende que la casualidad es solo un conjunto de situaciones que se complementaron y que te llevaron al momento justo, al momento que estás viviendo.

La vida es un resultado del destino y de tus propias decisiones pues hay personas y situaciones que de algún modo u otro vas a vivir o conocer.

La distancia y el tiempo son relativos.

La vida no es un problema que tiene que ser resuelto, sino una realidad que debe ser experimentada.

A partir de cierto punto no hay retorno. ese es el punto que hay que alcanzar. Kafka

Haz que tus hechos hablen tan fuerte, que no me permitan escuchar tus palabras.

Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them.

Nunca, pero nunca renuncies a ser tú mismo por encajar en un grupo. Zayn Malik.

Pequeña spalabras pueden acabar con grandes sentimientos.

Your mistakes does not define who you are .. you are your possibilities. O

Don´t say “yes” if you want to say “no”. Don’t say “maybe” if you want to say “never”. we can´t hurt people with your decisions.

El Dolor es inevitable, el sufrimiento es opcional.


Like any blog I am subject to criticism, comments and opinions here the only rule is tolerance and respect …  Feedback.

twitter: @GabriPardoA



One thought on “About me

  1. Hola Gabri! Mil gracias por seguir el Peeledonion! Encantada de conocer a tu blog tambien! Leer tu intro arriba me deja muy feliz. Siento tu entusiasmo por la vida, tu pasion. Que anima!
    Looking fwd to reading your ideas.
    Best wishes! Sahar


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