It has been sunk 13 days since 2015 end. It was a complex year for me, but today getting back to reality, on an airplane, after being on “Holydays” give me, time to think, write and to figure out a more serious perspective of what it means to me 2015. First, I hope never to be used to depart from my family; parents, brother and sisters. The pain I feel for being far for them is indescribable. I just have no words to describe it. I am aware that this is my decision, I decided to look for a better opportunity and lifestyle and I am happy about what I found out, only I like comfort and this means being surrounded by the people I love. Despite this, 2015 was a year full emotions new adventures, experiences. This year, I have the opportunity to fulfill myself, get wind about my boundaries and recognize that the greatest limit is your fear, your own thinkings. Perfection is not entirely a collection of good materials. Perfection is balance, is recovering for a deception or retaking your courage, your individuality, what makes you the person you can feel proud of being. 

I remember that my slogan of life during colleague was: “freedom”. Strangely, I almost forget it. Freedom doesn’t mean you can do everything you wish, but be able to choose between different options, alternatives, also; the more choices you have, the more liberal you are. Furthermore, it implies responsibility of what you decide and left aside.

I was a slave of my fears and for a while of ideas and people’s thoughts. I felt oppressed and their fears, their limits blends into me. This really limits me, to the point to quit doing what I like the most, walk inside different worlds, cultures, experiences. Fortunately, my family was around and they let me know that, I was not that type of person. They help me to recuperate, to pick all the pieces a forgot during my journey and put the important things in its space. One of the most amazing revelations I had was that no affair the distance or the differences when I person love you, he/she really knows you, knows your soul, your core values. Because all these differences and distance are just in the airfoil.

Finding out the stand up after a failure, it’s complex. It calls for emotional intelligence, honesty and resignation. You have to recover your mind’s strength; be aware that a perfect plan is susceptible to changes and failures. You are not in the full control of them. This could sounds redundant, but even when your emotions or feelings depend on outcomes or actions you can influence them, the only thing to control is the interpretation and assimilation of them. Most of your life depends on other’s actions, decisions and you have to be with them. You have to be honest with yourself, to assimilate the limits of your past and present decisions. This is a difficult decision, since you have to live with your sadness, embrace your tears, cry your sorrows; you have to live with it and carry it. Because these make you human, these build your personality, your maturity. And keep in mind you are free and at the same time you accept your limitations that you need to assimilate. After all this you will be ready again; but this time stronger, braver… and keep in mind that your motivation is the lone reason why you are doing that.

Your freedom relies on your decisions, on the alternatives.

I hold the greatest opportunity, the lesson no just to live this failure; but to find myself again, to identify good friends, the great people around of me. People to whom I see or meet infrequently. What a valuable lesson I received from them!! Thank you! To all these people, I wish you the best; you have my gratitude, my loyalty but most importantly my attention. I will pending of you, no need to make noise just a modest sign.

This year is still very young and very hopeful. This time I am ready for you. I know I will affront complicated decisions, maybe life’s decisions, and some of them will intimidate me; but when that will happen, I will eat my frogs, and I will walk my decision even if it takes me to fail. And if failure happens, I will stop, take my time, catches my breath and plan again my route.



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