Strings and Paper Towns

I believe a book is more than a story, or a novel. It is a lesson or set messages that give us a meaning sense, direction in one way or another it comfort us.  In the other hand, making a film is never easy since the message is transmitted using images, pictures, dialogues, sounds and music. A film based on a novel like this is complex, the director have an idea which in some degree has to match the idea of the writer and most important  the idea of the readers. I do not pretend to talk about their similarities or differences but instead the ideas or quotes that caught my attention. From my point of view, the film catches one strong argument and is not only friendship, stereotypes nor do miracles, which I will prefer to call break points. The story is good either if you watch the film or read the book. As John Green said when you finish the book or the film, the story is yours.  In addition, I have to thank my little sister to inspire me to read the book, and John Green for reminds me an old argument.

Films are not the novel books, nor vice versa. It might be differences or similarities between them but for me the most important is which path or idea does the director or filmmaker follows. Paper Towns has many ideas, many quotes that could change the direction of the story if followed.  But the most important for me is the next:

“Maybe all the strings inside him broke.”

Since the beginning it caught my attention, not only because it reminds me an old talk I had with great friends but also for its meaning itself. We are networks and not just because we have a Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tumblr, or email;  but because every relation we made, every person we let get into our social life is a string and part of a knot. They act as mirrors, some of them show us a part of who we are or just shows unknown things about our personality. Each of them send us information and give us comfort in accordance to our need. We have friends to who is easy to talk about professional topics, others with whom is great to hang out and so on.  In some degree, we classify our relations. Some of them are closer and belong to different classifications. The important here is that each relation gives feedback of our personality.  Some of them confirm what we already know about ourselves, others what we don’t know and others inspires us to move out of our comfort zone.  Regardless, how close they seem to us, they are our strings and keep in mind the next: never underestimate its force or its power to hold. The relation exists for one reason, and its power  will show up as each of us need it. That weak string could be the one to holds us or pull us out during stressful situations, during break points. No matter the situation or event in which we are involved; their strain does not resides in their proximity instead in its empathy with us, with the situation.

I believe life is a miracle with breaking points. In this case, Margo makes the breaking point on the another’s life. The film story is not just about friendship, nor stereotypes. Instead, it refers how powerful is one string, one person, to make the difference in some else life, and it is not just because the Quentin’s image of Margo is stronger than his reality but because one event, one night push him so hard that he moves out of his comfort zone. One string so powerful that makes a knot without acknowledge its existence. Margo needs that string to pull, to hold, until she discover who she is,  she needs Quentin and  Quentin needs her it is important for the story and for each person to express its feelings even when if the result is not positive.

Each person plays so many roles in life; that time to time it is easy to forget what is important, who is relevant in our live.  We move so fast that it is impossible to make a stop and evaluate if we are happy or if we are just running for an untouchable dream. We must live that dream, enjoy the happiness of the moment of the experience, not just run for it and then after be happy. Margo understands that idea, but she needs to make a stop and share with someone else somehow what is happening. She needs a different string because the ones that hold her were not working anymore; they were pulling her into a different situation, state. A state in which she felt a papergirl, she felt empty, alone because the essence of live was suppressed. She needs to leave a clue moreover a trace of herself, a string to catch her at some moment of her life, finally she tug Quentin and that makes he discover another world, a world where he could see the cracks, the weakness, the misperceptions of the people around him, of its own existence. He was also connected but until that moment, he never has used that link. Life is also a mystery.  Because when we think everything is lost; we live a breaking point, an experience that changes our life and left a deep mark in us.

The detonation or origin of our happiest moment of life could come from anywhere, anyone or any situation we just have to stay open to live that moment, the present, to be conscious of the exciting feeling caused by our curiosity.  Margo lives into many worlds, with many curiosities that she never has the opportunity to find herself because the mirrors around her only feed their own concept. I am not saying this happen very often but I am sure that everybody is susceptible to live moments in which the person doesn’t know who she/he is or what  he/she can accomplish.

Every day we see people and we make assumptions. They make us believe our life is nothing comparing with them. But “What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person”

Without taking into account age, gender or social status everybody is guided by stereotypes, by wrong conclusions because our perspective of the facts was built from a far distance with empty images and zero questions.

I believe life is a miracle but at the same time a mystery. We are networks, individuals that grow and change with each experience and breakpoint we live and as a consequence of them we need strings, we need knots from different origins, characteristics in order to complete the concept of who we are.  Some of that strings are very visible but few of them will surprise us because without any announcement they have the power to change our life or comfort us for a while.

Margo’s string is very powerful same as the string of Cara Delevingne I hope to see her in more challenging roles but what surprises me is as Margo pull the life or perception on a guy  she pull the film. She becomes the reason of the film the main topic of Quentin story without being all the time.



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